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Leaf Pattern Design

Welcome to 2023 with Farmeress Dee

This is a new season for me in planting and in life. My dad died February 20, 2023 therefore setting up a new season for me in life.  I'm also planting some things that I have never planted before in my She Shed Greenhouse in my raised gardens. I hope you enjoy my 2023 journey.

Leaf Pattern Design

Farmeress Dee 

     Although digging in the dirt and planting in my greenhouse may seem like just a hobby, I feel it offers much more when you think about the sovereignty of God.  Take a minute to think about the Garden of Eden and all the plants and flowers that grew there.  Can you imagine the joy Adam and Eve must have felt as they discovered new growth.  I have always like house plants and own plenty, ask my family.  So when my husband, Robert Curry Jr, surprised me with the news that he was building me a She Shed Greenhouse, I was overjoyed.  So was my family, as they thought I would reduce the amount of plants in the house by moving them to the greenhouse.  But to their surprise, I took on a new form of green thumb.  Growing fruits and vegetables!  

     We had a multitude of people pitching in to help build this wonderful new space for me. 


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