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December 2010

This time last year, what was going on in your life? The things that have transpired during the last 12 month for me has been …. so out of the box … Last year, at this time, I had a job, didnt know I had cancer, had enough extra money to “just do something”… This year in December, I have walked, crawled and even run through a lot of things and I end up here.  My cousin, Sunnerrah, is dead.. and that still feels funny coming out of my mouth because her death came with not warning.  I am still numb from that.  I haven’t seen her body yet, maybe it will feel more real when I see her body at any rate…. this time last year, she was with us and now she is gone.. forever on this earth .. gone.   I look in the mirror and  see a person that has changed physically in many ways from last December.. one of which is my hair.. I went bald because of chemo in July 2010… it was as if you could just blow on my head and the hair would fall out.. but today.. it is coming back.. and it is coming back a different color and texture… the texture is soft, like a baby chick…the color??? are you ready.. it is  (as my friend Katrina calls it) PLATINUM.. and it looks pretty cool… it was a shock at first because I saw GRAY… but after Katrina say it wasnt gray it was Platinum, that color name made all the difference.. I felt more of a diva because I’m a Natural Platinum … 🙂

Sometimes it helps to look at things from a different angle to get a better view…

Just remember, when you see me.. my hair is Platinum!!! Naturally Platinum…

as I alway say… “Enjoy The Ride”