Final Chemo

October 20, 2011 … this will be the date of my last chemotherapy treatment as it related to my Breast Cancer Journey that started January 21, 2010… and wow, what a journey.

Detection was a surprise because I never felt a lump. My detection was by fluke.  Some of you know the journey, others can hear about it when I speak somewhere again…

21 months later, I approach October 20th, 2011… my last chemo treatment.  What a blessing.  I am cancer free… I have no more “every three week appointments” on Thursdays.  Whew, I am glad that all over…. Or am I?

I want to share something with you and I need you to follow me.

  1. I know God is the reason I am where I am in my life.

  2. I know whatever happens will be by His will and for His reasons.

  3. I know I have surrendered to Him because I just can’t handle life on my own.

  4. I know with God everything is going to be alright, sooner or later.

Jesus knew the same thing as He hung on the cross, when He asked God in Mark 15:34… why have you forsaken me.  Jesus knew God had not and was not ever going to abandon Him.  That was the human part of Him speaking.  So what I am sharing with you comes from the human part of me, not the spiritual.

October 20th, 2011… the end of chemo… I made it… Now comes the harder part.  Now I have to survive.  I no longer have the protection of the chemotherapy drugs being forced in my veins to help protect me.  Now I feel unprotected… vulnerable.  I know God’s got this… But it is still a shaky feeling.  There is so much that happens when a person is detected with cancer. Not only physically and mentally…  but also emotionally, spiritually, financially, and socially…. And after all the “ly’s”… it is heavy, trying, tiring, and lasting. It is a journey.

I have one more surgery scheduled and hopefully that will end that road.  Will the cancer come back?  After October 20, 2011 will there be a small cancer cell floating around in my body looking for a place to land?  Will I be cancer free for the rest of my life?   The human part of me wonders, BUT the spiritual part of me surrenders, breathes and helps the human part of me moves on!

I am so thankful that I have made it to this part of my journey and I am excited about my future.  I want to thank all of you for your prayers, encouragement and support… each of you have been sent to my life by God and I thank Him for you.

My life application from this is to know that if I live for God, if I surrender all to Him, if I just stand on His promises… He will always provide and protect me.  If I address my human feeling and keep Christ and His Father as my focus….. I can do all things… ALL THINGS… EVERYTHING thru Him.

I don’t know about tomorrow, you don’t know either.  All we can do is just live from day to day and keep focused on Christ and live for Him.  I know who hold my hand and I am holding on and will never let go!

God is an awesome God.  There are many things I want to do in life and if I stay focused I will.  I plan on speaking to millions… taking my message across the country to encourage others to hold on.  Never let go…

My message to you as you read this is, please remember … if you stay in the arms of Jesus (which means do His will the way He ask), no matter what… you will find peace…sweet peace and you will survive!

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