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In the pit of my stomach

Do you ever just feel scared?  You dont know why, no one had done anything to you… you just feel scared… like something is going to happen…or you are unsure of what is going to happen, or what may come around the corner…???   This morning I feel that way.. Maybe it is because of all the things I have been dealing with lately with my health, no job and because I know there are things that I need but don’t know how they will come about.  Maybe it is because of the sudden death of my cousin, she just dropped dead.  I know I was feeling shaky yesterday when my family left to travel back to their homes, 6 hours away, but God took them home and tucked them in safely.  I know God has my back and I know He loves me.. but I still feel that feeling of instability.  You know the song, that says “I dont know about tomorrow, I just live from day to day…. Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand“…?  Well, I think about that song when I have moments like this and remember that God didn’t tell me that I have to be strong all the time (that is why I need Him), and He doesn’t expect me to have it together all the time (if I did I would feel like I didn’t need Him).  What He does expect is for me to rememeber that HE’S GOT THIS….

I guess my give away for you today is to allow yourself to feel… however you feel, allow it to be there, give it to God and remember that God’s Got This.. Surrender it all to HIM and never loose faith,…. no matter how many times you feel like you are going under….. never loose faith….. because when you loose faith it is so hard to move from those moments when you feel scared!