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Jan 2011

I wanted to start the new year with a wonderful blog but I forgot my password.  I tried for several days to retrieve it, but had absolutely no luck….. today my doctor’s office called me to tell me that my insurance was terminated. Mind you I have another surgery coming up this month, I had chemo yesterday and have another treatment coming up in  3 weeks…. so, it was kinda like the straw that really pressed down  on the camels back…

There I was .. crying, rushing, and panicking on the phone talking to the insurance company trying to find my paper work and guess what???- I found the password to my blog site... now I can write again…I always look for the good in everything and  something good did come out of that straw..

But back to the insurance chaos ..I now am uninsured … I walked to my back door, looked up to the sky and told God, I know.. I know.. .you got this, (we talk like that)  but I was still crying.. then I thought of Christ on the cross and how He cried out…so I didn’t feel bad about crying.. as I always say, it’s OK to cry…just don’t stay lost in the tears..

Now I am talking with what seemed like 7million14thousand3hundred and 2 people.. and the last of 1 of the 2 people I talked with told me.. it is going to be ok.. you are insured .. you are ok.. Whew..

Now what was I going to tell you at the beginning of the year.. 2011… well now I can’t remember… it is 7 days into 2011, 7 whole days, 24 hours in each of those day and a whole bunch of minutes have passed… and remember I was trying to remember my password…

So I guess the best thing to say is Happy New Year and I pray the best for you this year.  May you feel all of Gods wonderful blessings he has reserved for you in your blessings box in Heaven.  May you remember to be thankful for each of those blessings.. big and small… May your pockets be filled with more than dust bunnies and may you remember me when they overflow.. (thought I would toss that one in just for good measure.)

Last year was a challenge for many of us.. the biggie for me was CANCER..  I haven’t figured out what God wanted me to learn from that but this is what I took from it:


C is for Challenges.. of which we all have had many.