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My journey…

Yesterday was a day full of tears for me.  I cried because of the death of my cousin Sunnerrah, then two other dear friends of mine lost their dad to death. Darlene Pope and Marcus Benford. I cried because I had to have surgery.. kinda of the end of a journey and the beginning of another journey. After the double mastectomy in April of this year, reconstruction started.. but had to be halted because of chemo.. and the risk of infection.  Well Surgery on Monday started that process again. I cried thinking about all that has happened this year with the loss of my job, and the changes in health.  Never would I think I would be in this place in life, but I am.. and I must deal with it.  Dealing with it for me means surrendering it all to God. That is not an easy thing, but once surrendered, it is easier.  I will tell you later about my process of surrendering. Hopefully it will help you.  What I have realized is that.. my journey has been dealing with cancer,  the vein damage in my leg, and my job loss.   Your journey be something else,  dealing with health, love, job, mental, physical or a,spiritual journey…the best thing to do is to find out how you can help others on your journey.  That is what I am trying to do.. help others on my journey.. no matter how hard it may be.

Until sooner.. .”Dorcas