No Final Chemo… Yet…

Somtimes I just wonder what God has in store for me.. then I smile because I know it is something wonderful.

well No Insurance Referral Authorization from my Primary Care doc… NO Chemo Treatment. Go figure. This new doc that I have, who I will not name, is handling her business in such a horrible way. We have called and called for them to send the referral, but they havent and wont even answer the phone or call back. I will not put there name on blast for their PO business ethics, because God is already handling them (inbox me and I will tell you so you dont go there.. EVER).

The other things is, why can’t the insurance company can look in my history and see that I have been taking treatments for21 months now! And you cant approve one more treatment. If it was their momma or themselves in this situation I bet they would make things happen.

So now we wait and see who will pick up the pen to get the referral so I can take the chemo to help better my health and chances of survival.

Big picture… God’s got this and the pen.. they dont even know who’s got my back.. Little picture… Got’s got that too and He has my hand..

So I breathe and try to be less stressed! One day I will look back and see my life application lesson from this and share it with you ..(sorry this is so long).. peace! “Dorcas”

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