Reconstruction — more than one way

Ok.. today I feel like someone has beat the heck out of my chest and I am swollen like all get up… .  Reconstruction is something else… but I guess the end results is worth the work.  I was suppose to put on support, I did, but it had under wire.. daugh!!! slept in it too…and that didnt make it any better.   But I will be able to stand tall soon.. and stand with pride.. sideways.. lololol…

I think part of my healing comes from keeping a good mindset.  I Know God is the core of all of my healing, but it has helped so much to keep my mind focused on good things and making a joke every now and then.  As I have said before, I had cancer, cancer didnt have me.. I took chemo.. chemo didnt take me.. so what ever you are dealing with.. You have it.. dont let it have YOU…

you have a good day, dont let the day take you.. you take the day!

I had one type of reconstruction on Monday, but still seems to be going thru mental and spiritual reconstruction every day and with God as my physician, it is  a good feeling.. Are you open to reconstruction with God?

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