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Skeptical of bus station Shooting responses

Letter to the Editor published in the Tennessean May 1, 2016

Skeptical of boys station shooting response

RE: “Monday’s Nashville News reported a quadruple shooting at the Music City Central bus station right as school students attempted to make their way home. Days later Steve Bland, MTA CEO, that metro students are safe.

November 2015, my child was attached/robbed in the bus station. I received a call from my child that morning about an hour after boarding the metro bus to go to school, saying “Mom, guess what? I just got robbed!”

Frantically I told my child to finding a police officer for safety and to report the crime. My Child did, pointed the offender out and was told by the officers “oh yeah, we have been trying to catch him”.

A report was filed but nothing happened. Two day later, two of my child’s friends was walking from the bus and was attached and beaten by the same offender. Three other students have shared similar stories of being attached/robbed with my child.

Metro Students are given free bus passes and can have a bus tutor to help them learn to ride. But there is not lesson on how to keep safe from assaults, robbery and bullying.

It’s a shame that we, as parents, can’t send our children to school and trust they will be safe, not only while they are there, but NOW on the way there.

News reports say there are 44 camera and 3 police officers with 4400 students coming thru the station daily, and Mr, Bland say, they are safe. I no longer allow my children to ride the bus because, I AM NOT CONVINCED.”

(this part wasn’t printed but I think it is important) So I am working on a way to be convinced… not sure what that will be, bu