What’s the 411?

January 2010 I was  told I had breast Cancer.  I have had my ride with chemo thearpy, disfiguring surgeries and strong medications. Today, 4-11, 2016 I visited my oncologist, Dr. Carl Willis, the best medical doctor I have ever had.  Today he asked me several questions…. some of which were are there any changes in your diet? Any changes in your medications? Has any family member been diagnosed with any type cancer recently?  Then came the examination… any new and unexplained lumps or knots?  No to all questions.

“Well Dorcas, the last time we were here we discussed you approaching the five-year mark for taking the Aromasin or Exemestane”… Do you remember me telling you about this medication…the estrogen modulator? …the five years drug that cause (side effects) hot flushes, fatigue headaches, insomnia, increased sweats, chest pains, depression, muscle pains, joint pains and incidences of cardiac ischemic (which mean inadequate blood supply) events and  cardiac failure.

April 2016 marks the fifth year of me ingesting this side effect laced drug and the fifth year of me dealing with about 98% of those side effects. Five years of feeling stiff and like a 90-year-old crippled woman, five years of not sleeping well, five years of joint pain and muscle pain.  Five years of unwelcome hot flashes and five years of unannounced headaches.  Five years of chest pain, going to the ER thinking I am having a heart attack or not knowing what was happening.  Five years of Exemestane…a tiny white five-year pill with massive side effects.

Well today Dr. Willis told me that you no longer have to take that little tiny pill!  Today Dr. Wills told me I don’t have to come back to visit him for another year! Twelve months, three hundred and sixty five point twenty four days!

I have come to the end of another road and I bow down and thank God for this ride and for His Protection, for His Provisions and of His Promises during that ride.

Often I wonder why I had to go on this ride called “Breast Cancer” cause I did’nt purchase a ticket.  Why did I have to take chemo?  Why did I have to lose all my hair on my head and go completely bald?  Why did I have to deal with my nails turning black and falling off?  Why did I have to take that tiny little pill that make me feel so bad?  Why? Because His Will had to be done and He needed  to use me.  Because I have always want to be an encourager and this was one way to do exactly that.  Why me?  …. Why not me….

Now I have a newer title… not only am I a daughter, sister, aunt, mom, christian, niece, friend and acquaintance.   Now I am a Breast Cancer Survivor!  Today, April 11, 2016, I am really a Breast Cancer Survivor!  I have survived the shock of the original diagnosis, the surgeries, the treatments, the medications, the medical errors and all of the side effects.  I am A Survivor!  And I thank God for my newer title!

Hopefully (according to Dr. Willis) in three months I will feel better, meaning the effects of the medication would be out of my system and I will feel better.  I know I will never be the same, prior to Janurary 2010, but at least I am not a bad as I was.

My words to you … be still and let God do as He Promised and His promises are so awesome and so true.  Whatever you are going thru, failing health, bad job, toxic relationships, death, disappointments… whatever it is.. Be Still and know that He is God and He will see you beyond what’s so close in your face right now.  Sometime we move to much and to fast and we miss what God can do.  Be Still.

Some of you know my favorite song is “I Surrender All”.  The words of that song ring so true to me… and when I surrender to Him, my burden is lighter.  When I talk my hands off, He takes hold.  When I am still He handles it all for me!

What’s the 411?  The 411 is the date (April 11) that I am free from that pill and the date that I am free from weekly visits, free from every three month visits, and  free from every six month visits..Today I’m on the annual visit plan to see my medical oncologist!  Praise God!  What do you need to be free from today!

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