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"Even In The Dark I Surrender" 

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Even In The Dark I Surrender

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Dorcas's journey through job loss, divorce and cancer is what inspired her to write this book.  She has been through so much and has learned from each challenge in her life.  What that being said, she feels  that God wants her to encourage others, as a result of overcoming so many  of her own challenges and obstacles.  "Even In The Dark I Surrender" is an interactive book, helping readers, through thoughtful written exercises, to surrender all to God and allow Him to navigate us through the burdens of life.


Such candor is sure to vividly portray Dorcas’ (your) story and elements of her (your) process for dealing with real-life adversity. Dorcas’ (your) clarity regarding coming to the point of total dependence on God is, in my opinion, the heart and soul of her (your) message.

Robert Gardenhire 
Minister - Schrader Lane Church of Christ. Nashville, Tennessee.



Dorcas tells us how she learned to cope with the difficulties of her short life by learning how to completely surrender to God. Bad things happen to all people, but some things can be very heart wrenching, particularly when we believe they are not supposed to happen to us, and when in our estimation we have done all the right things. Her ability to handle these difficult situations evolved into a greater faith.

She shares her process of surrendering to God and challenges us to do the same in good times and bad times.


This is an interactive book, helping readers through thoughtful written exercises to surrender all to God and allow Him to navigate us through the burdens of life.

Timothy McCleskey
Assistant Minister and Director of Education -Schrader Lane Church of Christ, Nashville, Tennessee.



This beautiful book is unlike any other personal account that I have ever read. Its contents are filled with spiritual insight and practical advice on how to love and overcome the obstacles of life. I have been truly blessed and uplifted by Dorcas and her unselfish willingness to share her years of ups and downs. She is, without a doubt, a great learned one. This book is but a speck in the vast library of her mind.

Dr. Palace E. Humphreys-McCutchen PHD. 
Theocentric Counseling, Psychology, Nashville, Tennessee.



The book is authentic because I was there. I witnessed the surrendering. This book teaches you to believe in the power
 of prayer and to truly rely on God. I know that it works because I was with my mom every step of the way. Except for the chemotherapy treatments...that kind of scared me and I didn’t want to see my mom that way. I saw her getting weak, yet getting stronger in her faith. I saw her get sad, yet overwhelmed with joy at the sight of friends coming by and they didn’t always say anything sometimes they just sat with her, held her hand, watch a movie or prayed.

This is a book to motivate and enlighten those who are ready to receive a different type of relationship with God.


I don’t know about tomorrow; it may bring me poverty. But the one, who feeds the sparrow, is the one who stands by me....And the path that is my portion may be through the flame or flood; but His presence goes before me and I’m covered with His blood. Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand. But I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand. It’s truly something special. 




Book Reviews: 

From Mary Oakley

“You precious, sweet, loving, smart, wonderful , BEAUTIFUL CHRISTIAN LADY I was so happy and excited to see you at Women of Hope !! I loved hearing you speak! Girl, you are something else!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe I’ve waited this long to text you, after I read your book!!! I read it the next couple of days!! Oh I love it!!!

As I already said- you ARE something else!!! WOW! Wish I could do that!! To have endured as many heartaches, etc. as you have and still be such a positive and and happy person—— I know God loves you so much. You are amazing, JustDorcas So thankful that you and Mr. Curry (can’t think of first name, sorry) are so happily marriedSo glad to see your sweet daughter!! Loved Brandon’s words in your book.!! I’d say that Bro. & Sis. Wiley did one marvelous job raising a precious JUSTDORCAS. I LOVE YOU, DEE



Alston Elroy

Very Intriguing, Informative, and Uplifting book. I highly recommended it... 



"Hi Dorcas,

I (Linda Bivins) just finished getting my 95 year old mom in bed; she began sharing different aspects from your book. She talked about waiting on God, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and surrendering all. I was amazed. She read your book today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't wait to tell you how she was captivated by what she was reading.

Her name is Sis. W.M. Anderson. She is a member at Chapel Hill CoC. It touched my heart that she enjoyed reading the book. She asked me to get her a book and I did, but I didn't think anything more about it. When I started dressing her for bed, she began telling me how much she loved the book. I was amazed."

Linda Bivins

Your book is traveling to California. One of the sisters said she bought enough to take back to her friends in Cali! Awesome! 


Lyn Brinkley

This life story is one that would be really hard to imagine or realize as my own. It was so difficult at times! Dorcas puts her most difficult days in real language that left me shaking my head as the relentless attacks on her life continued. If I had known the story without the book, my question would have been, "How did you make it through?" But, I have the book, I read the book and I know exactly how she made it. Her steps to surrendering all certainly resonates with me. Kudos Dorcas




Thoughtful. Insightful. Inspirational. Motivational. A great encouraging book.



Hello Dorcas,

You made my day. I was thrilled to no end to have received a copy of your book. It is absolutely well-written and compelling.

I love it and enjoyed reading it from beginning to end. Your book really had me captivated. Your stories were moving. The Process and the journaling throughout are excellent tools.

I am so proud of where God eventually landed you. I could not put the book down. Thank you for counting me worthy enough to receive an autographed copy. I look forward to hearing you present this. They are going to love it.

I plan to purchase copies for family members at the tea.

Bring as many as you can. They will sell.

Love you, sis!

To God be the Glory!

Linda Bivins



Samantha Swindle Denny

This is my favorite devotional book right now. Thank you Dorcas Curry for sharing your story! I think I would love your daddy..."I know your plate is full, just take your time and eat".



Eartha Foster

"Dorcas, ...... I can't think of one word when I think of the first time we met. However, I do know God Loves me. When we first met, that was God giving me assurance of His Love for me. You are a Gift from God to everybody you meet. Thank you for being My Friend.   As I am writing this tears are running down my face, cause I am so Thankful to God for You, #GodsGifttoMe"


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