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Shades of Grace Sisters 

Est.October 6, 2020

Sarah Baugh and Dorcas Curry  

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Orange Wall

In light of January 6th, 2021, here are messages from our founders.  

"In light of the events that unfolded this week in our nation’s Capitol, we see more than ever the importance of our mission.  As we see evidence of division among our citizens, we are committed to doing our part to bring about healing and unity within our churches. 


We pray for wisdom and guidance for the leaders of our country and peace for our fellow countrymen. 

We serve a risen Savior that will never leave us or forsake us.  And because of that, we will continue to do our part to make a difference for the Kingdom in this world."  Sarah Baugh

What I witnessed on January 6, 2021 left me with so many emotions.  Shock, yet not really surprised.  Angry, yet not mad.  Numb, but not unmovable.


Because I am part of the black and brown Americans, it really didn’t surprise me of the way it all played out.  I have seen this type privilege played out in other stages.  But to see it played out in the State Capitol was very telling of what white entitlement really looks likes in the country in which I live.  I have seen people that look like me lose their lives by policemen for simply walking, sleeping, talking and jogging.    


With that being said, I know God expects me, despite being shocked, yet not surprised, to be about His work.  I must be at work with Shades of Grace Sisters, as we work to blend the church into one tribe according to the scriptures.  Even if it is a ripple in the great sea of racial unrest, I must be about His work.          Dorcas Curry

Shades of Grace Sisters is a Church of Christ initiative working to blend ALL Christian sisters of all Christian faiths and skin colors so they can relate emotionally, physically and spiritually to each other as one family of God.  This initiative began in the summer of 2020 as we saw division and unrest across our country and world.  We realized that Satan has been very intentional in bringing the world to this point of racial division which is completely against God intentional plan.


We believe:


1.   God wants Unity in purpose.  We are to be united as one so that the world may believe in Jesus.  John 17:21-23 Racial division in the church is not according to God’s purpose.           


2.   God wants us to submit to one another. - Submission means we have to empty ourselves.  Just as Jesus submitted, we must value others above ourselves. Philippians 2:1-8


3.   We must be sanctified in truth.  Sanctify means to set apart. For us it means being set apart in truth for the work of God.   John 17:17


The truth is racism exist, and it exists in the church… even in our own churches.  We feel it is important for the women of God to come together and work towards making a difference. 


We invite you to join us on this journey as we lay down the burden of hate and work towards racial healing and unity.  CLICK HERE to join our email list.  We will let you know of upcoming events.  


Community Prayer event at

Schrader Lane Church of Christ 

Who we are:

This is not a congregation initiative.. we are not representing any specific congregation.  Shades of Grace Sisters is a Church of Christ initiative, (with the support of church leadership), filled with Christian Sisters wanting to make God pleased in what we do in our time we have on this place called earth.  We are responsible Christian women with a common interest, that happen to want to make life better than it was yesterday.   

Why we are doing this:

Why did Sarah and I decide that this is worthy of doing?  Because we realize that Satan has been very intentional in bringing the world to this point of racial division and hate, which is completely against God's intentional plan.    



As a Church of Christ initiative, our purpose is to blend Christians sisters of all skin colors together to   honestly relate emotionally, physically, and spiritually as one family of God.



Our Mission:

* To step out from the shadows.

* To work to be an example of how we, as sisters on this earth, should treat each other.

* To show that more connects us than separates us.

* To find a way to look after one another as one single tribe.

Thoughts and Reflections.

August 16,  2021

Think about this:

Surgery is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of injuries, diseases, and other disorders by manual and instrumental means.  Often time we need physical surgery to help us as feel better. These surgeries are designed to help us have a better quality of life.  Often time, by remove areas that are not healthy and strengthening other areas.


Oftentimes, we need to have spiritual surgery as well. Surgery to treat spiritual injuries, spiritual diseases, and other spiritual disorders by prayer and study.


What areas do you need spiritual surgery?   Please take a good look in the mirror and truly analyze yourself, as it relates to building God’s kingdom as He commands, what spiritual treatment do you find you need?  Are you doing all you can to evangelize, to show Christianity as you work outside of the church building walls to let your light shine?


Once you have identified those areas, hare the with someone you trust, and ask them to pray for you.  Feel free to send you prayer request to SGS via email and we can pray for you as well.  We all need prayer, and it is a wonderful gift to be able to ask others to pray for you.



Have a great week and remember Romans 12:18.


Your sister in Christ,


Dorcas Curry

September  14, 2021

Today's thoughts/reflections  is something physically do. 


I want you to to go to a mirror and look at the lady in the mirror for 10 seconds, be silent, do not check your hair, or your teeth.  Just looking into the eyes of the lady you see in the mirror.


Then I want you to ask the lady in the mirror, "how do you truly feel about race relations?"  Then allow the lady in the mirror to answer. Are you more comfortable with staying with people that look like me?  Do you truly believe things should just stay as they are?  How do you "really" feel. Just have a little talk with yourself.


Then write down your conversation.  Open your heart, be honest and be transparent as you write.  I believe writing brings life to your thoughts. You can share them with us via email, if you like, or keep your thoughts private. 


Have a great week and remember Romans 12:18.


Thank you for your love for our savior as we all work to be.


Please remember us in your prayers.


Dorcas Curry 

September 20, 2021

Today's thought/reflections is something you can help me with.   


Often times I am asked, why is worship service so different between blacks and whites, especially when it comes to singing?  Do you think that is that true?  If so,  why?

This is one of those questions that I'd like to hear from you. If you don't mind sharing your thoughts with me.  (email to


Thank you for your love for our savior as we all work to be.


Please remember us in your prayers.


Dorcas Curry

October 4, 2021

Today's Thought/Reflection is something for you to think about and share with others, if you find it worthy.



Different............. Tall - Short

                            Curvy - Straight

                            Blue eyes - Black eyes

                            Curly hair - Straight hair

                            oh yeah, view points, view points are...........................Different.


We all are different, yet much the same. That's pretty easy to understand, right? Or is it?


Being different is not the problem, we are all different in so many ways.  Being the same not the problem, we are all the same in so many ways. That was all part of God's Master plan.  


The problem comes in when we take those differences and make them obstacles. When we decide, because of those differences, you are right and I am wrong,  I am smart and you are not, you are better than I am or I am better than you. 


There is a book (and cartoon movie) by Dr. Seuss called The Sneetches, which was published around the early 60's, with a theme of tolerance, diversity and compromise.   I think, in this story there is a great lesson we all can learn about being different. Because we all are different.  The basic differences we have are so beautiful.  Let's learn and grow from our differences by not causing division because of them.   


Here is the 12,9 minute video of the story by Dr. Seuss

November 15, 2021

Hello, can you believe it is is already the middle of November?  This lets me know that we must make the best of our time here.


Today’s Thoughts and Reflections is a review of what we discussed on our last zoom call. 


We watched the attached videos and shared great thoughts and asked great  answered questions about what we viewed.   


I encourage you to watch the videos and think about the messages.  It would be good to share and discuss them with your circle of friends, especially those of a different race than you.  


If you’d like to share your thoughts with us, please feel free todo so below.

Please remember us in your prayers.


Dorcas Curry


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